Monday, May 10, 2010

Rebuilding The War Zones

As Wayne noted earlier today ( ), Joe Anderson has made the right noises about Warren Bradley's ruinous reign in Liverpool; he is spot-on in observing that certain areas benefited from the Fib Dems' rule while others, Warren's War Zones, were left to rot. It's a point that Wayne, the Professor & myself have consistently made & it's nice to see Cllr Anderson repeat it. However, you're judged by deeds, not words, & his comment that he won't shirk from "difficult decisions" sounds ominous. We'll be watching, Joe.
Bradley, of course, retained power by one vote after the 2008 local elections after the last-minute defection of Croxteth Labour councillor Nadia Stewart ( ), prompting him to declare, "It's onward and upward" to anyone who would listen. Alas, if anything, the city went backward & downward as the Bread & Circus model of running a major UK city intensified.
In the hours after Bradley's rejection by the voters, he unwittingly provided his own political epitaph with the remark, "My four and a half year record speaks for itself." ( ).
Yes, Warren it certainly does.

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