Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Home Truth That's A Little Too Close To Home

Not everyone's been singing from the same hymn sheet on Oldham Hall Street about the Shanghai Expo & the city's presence there. Rex Makin, widely believed to own shares in Trinity Mirror ( ), was anxious to get things off his chest in his regular Friday column. Oh to have been a fly on the wall as Big Al Machray scanned the piece prior to publication ( ):
"Put aside for a moment the Chinese Whispers. Some people will find Expo is a vanity fair mainly for ordinary Chinese folk, it's not a business fair at all. Liverpool does not have its own pavilion, but has its own corner in a pavilion dealing with urban matters.
"It's also on the wrong side of the river - away from the big national and international pavilions.
"Expo opened last week and within days Liverpool Vision was forced to reassess expected visitor numbers. Only around 2,000 a day or less. People here deserve to be told this and how many people actually visited the Liverpool stand at Expo.
"At any rate, don't expect a full page feature extolling the wonders of Liverpool to appear any time soon in that leading Chinese newspaper The People's Daily."
To which one can only add, don't expect a full page feature admitting the reality of Liverpool's presence at Expo any time soon in that leading "local" paper, the Oldham Echo.

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