Monday, May 10, 2010

Murdoch Minion Has Meltdown

I hold no brief for Alastair Campbell. In fact, I once crossed swords with him back in the 80s. That he became New Labour's supreme spin doctor didn't surprise me. However, his appearance on Sky News earlier this evening ( ) tells us far more about its political editor Adam Boulton. For most of the six-minute clip, it's routine, robust stuff. However, four-and-a-half minutes into the clip, Boulton loses it completely, ranting in such a way that you suspect he had a rather good lunch, as they say.
Owned by Murdoch, Sky News was itching for a Cameron-led government to neuter Ofcom & allow the network to emulate Fox News, its sister network in the US. The hung parliament has clearly infuriated Murdoch's empire & perhaps that fury finally broke cover in tonight's spat.

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David Swift said...

If you didn't know otherwise you would think Alastair Campbell was a perfectly reasonable human being. His comments on this occasion were perfectly sound. What a fool Adam Boulton made of himself.