Saturday, August 29, 2009

At Least Warren Bradley Likes It

Lower the flag to half-mast on Oldham Hall Street, publish a sobbing "how could they?" piece by an Oldham Echo "columnist", recycle those "Hugs Not Hate" placards held self-consciously by the Grosvenor minions outside One Parked Here Without Our Say-So.
Professor Chucklebutty's upturned caravan ( ) has emerged as the winner of the Carbuncle Cup ( & ).
I suspect it was a pretty close-run thing, with Grosvenor's grotesque edifice pushing it all the way to the finish line in a photo-finish.
Is it still possible to demolish both monstosities & start all over again? Sorry, what's that, we're stuck with them, did you say?
Oh great.

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