Saturday, August 29, 2009

Baby You're A Rich Man

Spot the anachronism in the photograph above. Yes, we all know it's supposed to depict the young Lennon reposing against a pub which wasn't even open when The Fabs played at the Cavern. The much-missed howler lies in the fact that the teenage Lennon sported a 50s quiff; the "Beatle cut" came years later.
However, don't expect such minutiae to get in the way of the annual money-making exercise in the city centre this weekend. Oh, & guess what? It'll be the BEST EVER! No, really, it's not just the Oldham Echo trotting out that old one, it's pliant Lib Dem councillors like Cressington's Paula Keaveney too ( ):
"Europe's biggest FREE annual music festival is set to be the best yet -- thanks to a new sponsorship deal with some of the world's biggest companies associated with The Beatles."
And there I was, thinking that it was supposed to be about the music. Silly me.
Yes, yes, yes, I've long known that these things don't run on fresh air. There's a cost for everything, that's capitalism, folks. Imagine no possessions, indeed.
However, it is telling that Cllr Keaveney opens her blog post with the assumption that the success of this or any other festival is dependent on new business tie-ups rather than the quality & appeal of the acts booked.
Indeed, Cllr Keaveney goes on to do the job normally undertaken by Oldham Hall Street, ie., reheat a city council PR puff-piece:
"This fabulous celebration of the music of The Beatles, in advance of the upcoming release on 09.09.09 of The Beatles Remasters and The Beatles: Rock Band, is the result of a major sponsorship deal announced between festival organisers, Liverpool City Council, and Harmonix/MTV Games/EA, EMI Music and Cirque du Soleil."
Good, glad we've got that sorted, eh, Paula? And, as you say, it is a "fabulous celebration of the music of The Beatles". Isn't it?

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Guillaume said...

The Beatles's heritage sure is often a burden for Liverpool. They left you with the tourists.