Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Wondrous Place?

Liverpool-born journalist & music writer Paul Du Noyer was roped in for a few pithy soundbites for Grosvenor's benefit when the Daily Post banged the drum for One Parked Here Without Our Say-So & its Facebook advertising campaign ( ).
Wayne was quick to pick Du Noyer up on his comments ( ). However, it's worth dissecting the blurb he provided for his seemingly ungrateful recipients on Oldham Hall Street:
"The old Chavasse Park was no beauty, whereas the new one has become a glorious rendezvous for Liverpool's young - these kids, effectively, are rendering the debate irrelevant."
A "glorious rendezvous", Paul? You mean like Barcelona's Las Ramblas or Rome's St. Peter's Square? Good, glad we've got that clarified.
Oh, & this comment about the kids "rendering the debate irrelevant", Paul. If the kids on the lawn have the ability to fully resolve contentious local issues, perhaps we should put them in the council chamber instead of the current mob, eh? Just a thought.
As others have attested, Paul's knowledge of local music history is impressive (I've got his book) & his editorship of Mojo made it compelling reading. With that in mind, I pose Paul this question: if a commercial radio station followed up a Motorhead track with a Mozart symphony, & made a habit of such sudden & jarring playlist selections, it wouldn't last long, would it? So why impose (bad) examples of modern architecture in the same space as examples of gothic & classical architecture? Architecture, like music, has different categories.

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