Monday, August 24, 2009


Carlsberg don't do blots on a city's waterfront, secured in questionable circumstances in the first place, & headed by a character who's currently bailed on suspicion of fraud ( ), but if they did, it still wouldn't be as bad as this.

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David Swift said...

One of the reasons I don't go down to the waterfront anymore. It is too depressing.
In 2006, at the town hall, I watched in horror as the "Planning" committee forced this abomination through, using Doreen Jones' casting vote. A chairman should maintain the status quo when it comes to a casting vote i.e. defer the decision for further discussion. This is what I was taught when I studied for my A Level in General Studies. Clearly in Liverpool such niceties don't matter. There was a cry of SHAME from the public gallery when Doreen cast her deciding vote to approve this monstrosity. I think we all know now what we were up against.