Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Firm Foundation For A Campaign?

As the rubble from the collapsed building, owned by Esther McVey's family business, on the Dock Road is cleared, it's heartening to see that it hasn't interfered with her electioneering "over the water", as Wirralians of a certain generation are still wont to say ( ).
Yes, if you've got nothing better to do this Sunday lunchtime, why not join Esther & her chums as they perambulate the leafy neighbourhoods of Pensby. Nice place Pensby, it's a bit like the Dock Road, only greener. And richer, too.
So while Ms. McVey's professed aim of turning the Dock Road building into an education centre in a deprived area turns out to be as reliable as the "absolutely clean bill of health" that was given by the structural surveys on the place ( ), it's encouraging to see that it's politics as usual for the Tory hopeful.
Indeed, Esther puts the word out that she'd be delighted to see you there on Sunday. What's more, nothing, it seems, is too much trouble for the Dock Road's doyenne of dereliction: "Or if you have any issues you'd like us to look into please contact me directly."
Take it from me, Esther, there's a few people on this side of the river who would very much like you to look into a particular issue. They might just take up the offer to contact you directly.

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