Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tree Huggers Sue For Copyright

Going into the city centre in the next hour or so? Yes? Oh, good, you'll be able to witness a shameless PR stunt at One Parked Without Our Say-So. As a commenter on my post about the excruciating edifice points out, a Facebook page has been set up in support of the unwanted building by those related to & colleagues of Daily Post editor Mark Thomas ( & ).
Last week's Daily Post carried a piece by its special One Park West correspondent Alan Weston ( ).
Contrary to the impression given in the article's headline, the "residents" of One Park West aren't actually named or quoted directly by Weston. Instead, he reheats the PR leftovers from its opening last year:
"But now residents of the landmark residential complex, in the heart of Liverpool One, have begun their own fightback.
"They say that, apart from its outstanding views, the Cesar Pelli-designed building formsa wonderful backdrop to the new five-acre Chavasse Park."
Weston later adds:
"A Facebook group has been set up by a PR firm for people to show their support of One Park West, culminating in a 'group hug' of the building next week."
It's certainly a new one on me to be informed that people need a PR firm to spontaneously express their views on any matter.
The PR firm, by the way, is Think Publicity ( ). As you'd expect, it's heavy on presentation, but feather-light on content.
One commenter on the Facebook page responds to a remark that One Park West is meant to resemble a ship:
"This building is supposed to look like a ship? The Titanic comes to mind. No bad feelings or confusion, it is truly awful and should sink without trace. Are there enough lifeboats?"
Nothing like a Facebook campaign to reverse your fortunes, is there?

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