Saturday, August 29, 2009

Showing His True Colours

Given the normal speed of web response to senseless or offensive statements & actions, I'm surprised, to say the least, that not even the general blogosphere has picked up on comments made by Kelvin MacKenzie during Sky News' nightly newspaper review on Wednesday evening.
MacKenzie, the man who is to journalism what Bernard Madoff is to financial probity, revealed his class with a series of truly tasteful comments.
Remarking on the death of Ted Kennedy, MacKenzie opined that the late senator should be judged by his actions & excoriated Kennedy's in leaving his female companion to die at Chappaquiddick in 1969. Quite right, people should be judged by their deeds; wise words, indeed, from the reptile who still stands by his lies about Hillsborough. Judgement has long since been passed on MacKenzie & it will form the basis for his eventual obituary.
The second comment the subterranean scribe made, however, really distinguished him for his sensitivity & decency. Responding to the Sky News presenter's remark that under Afghan law a man can starve his wife to death if she refuses him sex, MacKenzie guffawed, "It's not a bad idea!" ( ).

[By the way, there's a more considered take on Kennedy from Roy Greenslade in Wednesdays Guardian ( ) .]

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Esther Johnson said...

I sometimes watch Sky TV (only on Freeview I might add). When that vile man shows his face I just hit the remote and get him off the screen. I know Sky is Murdoch's empire so I suppose that there is no surprise the scumbag gets employment on it occasionally - I just wish they would give me a two minute warning.