Thursday, August 27, 2009

Off The Merseybeat

You know how it is in late August, slow news days become slow news weeks, & events can procede as sluggishly as the 53 bus trundling into town.
A minion on the Daily Post rewrites a press release, all five sentences of it, & then blithely puts it in the "Liverpool News" section: .
Yes, just days from the absurd mop-tops & yeah, yeah, yeahs of a Bank Holiday piss-up which masquerades as a celebration of a city's musical heritage, the time is right to release a DVD of, erm, Gerry & the Pacemakers. Hmm, OK, Gerry's been around for years & no-one really begrudges him his place in the sun, but the nameless scribbler on Oldham Hall Street who probably wasn't even soiling his or her nappy when Eric's was closed feeds on this like a pigeon on a piece of stale bread, breathlessly telling us that Gerry "reminisced about the early years of the British invasion he helped spearhead along with the Beatles."
The "British invasion" referred to was that brief period in the 60s when UK groups had hit US singles, something not fully explained in the Post piece. Also not fully explained is that the likes of the Stones, The Who, The Animals, The Kinks & many others were there alongside the Fabs. Good old Gerry, meanwhile wasn't so much at the spearhead of things, as bringing up the rear, something the man who popularised "You'll Never Walk Alone", turning it into the anthem we all know, would readily attest.
At the spearhead of accurate journalism is, of course, the Daily Post.

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