Monday, August 24, 2009

Maximum Exposure

If you haven't visited the "Up To Something" exhibition by the Fab Collective at St Luke's, known to all as the bombed-out church, on the corner of Leece Street & Berry Street, I heartily recommend it. The exhibition continues until the end of the month, when the excellent Urban Strawberry Lunch will provide a welcome antidote to all the tiresome & cliched excesses of the Matthew Street festival.
Many of the photographs on display steer clear of the usual targets & bring into focus the wider city that the tourists don't visit. The pictures are also accompanied by quotes about the city by a disparate selection of figures down the centuries. McCartney provides a glib soundbite which could have been used by the Culture Company last year, but wasn't, while George Harrison offers a pithy, offbeat take on the place. However, the quotes which most struck me came from "outsiders", including one about how 17th century Liverpool women from the oldest profession, ahem, extended their hospitality on "Liverpool quay" to disembarking sailors & the comment by Tony Wilson, "Mr Manchester" himself, that every part of his life had been touched by the River Mersey.
[Regards to Graham from the Fab Collective & local flickr group whom I spoke to on Saturday.]

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