Friday, August 07, 2009

Struggling On Before The Grim Reaper Arrives

Before the Daily Post is finally wheeled off to the journalistic equivalent of Dignitas, it can still do Trinity Mirror's bidding & play a role in civic onanism. An example of this (which Wayne has already highlighted -- ) was to be found in yesterday's edition via the M62 ( ).
The sickly sister of the Oldham Echo displayed a game & touching enthusiasm in aping its fellow propaganda publication by minimising any journalism & maximising marketing in what was little more than a press release on behalf of those who wish to turn the waterfront into an architectural laughing stock.
The construction of commercial developments, to be used by Merseytravel, by Countryside Poroperties & Neptune Developments (a client of Larry Nield's October Communications, of course -- ) was presented in gushing terms; the honeyed words of Neptune's managing director Steve Parry reprinted without any of that irritating whatsit, ooh, you know, that word, it's on the tip of my tongue...that's it, journalism:
"It is an indication the city's regeneration is continuing even in this difficult economic and commercial environment.
"Clearly the success of this scheme owes an enormous amount to its quality and unique location in the heart of Liverpool's World Heritage Site.
"More than three-quarters of the residential units are now reserved."
Let's dissect that bilge soundbite by shoddy soundbite, shall we?
It is impossible for any area's "regeneration" to continue in the face of the biggest slump since the 30s; any wet-behind-the-ears economics undergraduate will mumble that.
The "quality and unique location" of the World Heritage Site has been damaged & disfigured by the mindless orgy of (mis)construction around the Three Graces.
Parry's boast about the take-up rate for the residential units, as Wayne observed, is questionable at best & fraudulent at worst.
Such a shame about the poor old Daily Post, isn't it? I just hope that when the end comes, it's merciful & humane; wouldn't want it to suffer too much.

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