Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Taking Unpaid Adverts

The latest example of the Oldham Echo faithfully republishing press releases rather than doing that messy, complicated, time-consuming chore known as journalism could be found in this morning's edition, straight off the M62: .
It's a story the remaining average readers of the paper would have glazed over with scarcely a second thought. After all, it seems to be no more than an obscure snippet about the city's business sector; the press release, tarted-up as a three paragraph story, & so terse it could have been Twittered, enthuses:
"Patronage will give [Hill Dickinson] the opportunity to engage with the chamber on a greater level and promote the firm to the wider chamber membership."
Good for Hill Dickinson, you'd think. And good, too, for Larry Nield, whose present employers October Communications represents Hill Dickinson ( ), & whose sterling efforts with his former colleagues on Oldham Hall Street have resulted in a puff piece for the law firm & another feather in October Communications' cap. Well done, Larry, feel free to doff said cap in acknowledgement.
Drinks all round?


Liverpool Preservation Trust said...

If it was just this once it would not be at all bad but Richard Downer was on a upper the other day on a crane peering over what he described as the best views in Liverpool at Mann Island. This is another of the old Larry ways as he did it several times when he was on the paper,Up the crane on Mann Island
This time its for Neptune Developments and guess what they are another client of October Communications.......doesnt the advertising standards regulate this sort of nepotism.

Liverpool Preservation Trust said...

Oh sorry about that last post I gave a link to a press relaese to New Brighton....where Nepune are doing a development and guess whos feeding the press....Larry boys October Communications!