Monday, August 24, 2009

Esther's Eyesore Embarrassment As Election Nears

A month after Lascar House on the city's Dock Road folded like a pack of cards, shortly after receiving a seal of approval from structural engineers, according to Tory hopeful Esther McVey, ( ) what's left of the building, which was originally the grandly-named Anglo-American Hotel, continues to act as an eyesore on the approach to the city centre (this photograph was taken on Saturday evening).
Since issuing a terse missive to the local media about the incident, Ms McVey has been uncharacteristically silent on the matter while wooing floating voters in the Wirral West constituency.
With the options for the site seemingly limited, due to the city council's inertia as much as the long-term decision facing its owners, it appears that the collapsed building will remain as it is for some time; that means it could still be an embarrassing eyesore come the next election. Local Tory officials have said nothing about the matter. However, as polling day looms, they may just start to get twitchy on the subject.

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